Trying on too many wedding dresses: Good or Bad Idea?

Trying on wedding dresses is a big day, regardless of whether you’ve been thinking about your ideal wedding dress since you were a child or are just beginning to evaluate possibilities after being engaged. Finding the perfect outfit takes time and effort and can be very daunting. While some brides choose their wedding gown on the very first try, many spend weekend after weekend traipsing in and out of bridal boutiques in search of the perfect gown.

While there are many things to consider when looking for a wedding dress, your timeline should be at the top of the list. You should order your wedding gown nine months beforehand. Also, remember that most dresses can take three months or longer to arrive; it is wise to have some time for fits and modifications.

You want to look the best as a bride, and the bridal dress shopping spree can be overwhelming. Does the question pop into your head; how many dresses are too many? Read ahead to find an answer to the question.


How many wedding dresses should I try on?

How many dresses a bride should try on during her hunt is a question that has no clear solution, as there is no ideal amount. Every bride is unique, so before entering the salon, consider setting a number that you believe is appropriate. You might tell yourself, “I’m only going to try on a maximum of seven outfits at this specific store,” for example. By doing this, you’ll be more careful about the looks you take into account and omit those that might waste time. It will help you define some parameters for your search and make finding the dress easier.


What if you Try Too Many Dresses?

Our experts concur that the bride may feel perplexity and irritation after wearing too many outfits. Brides may pass over the dress of their dreams because they are too preoccupied with looking for something better. Because they are overwhelmed and worn out from putting on so many gowns, some brides may need to make a perfect choice. 

So how can you get rid of this doubt and confusion? Limit the number of dresses you try on first. Take a step back to analyze images you’ve shot in previously tried-and-true styles if you’ve already reached this stage. Seeing oneself in images gives you a different perspective than seeing yourself in the mirror. Also, sleeping on your alternatives and reevaluating the next day will help you make better decisions.


Should You keep on Trying Dresses After Finding “The One”?

It is always challenging to try on dresses after saying yes. It is best to close the magazines, delete the saved images of inspiration, and try not to drive yourself insane. If you want to wear different looks at your wedding party, you may need to continue looking, but your main dress should still be the one that makes your heart smile.

After you have sealed the deal, start thinking about how to style the dress and make the best out of your chosen wedding dress.


Tips for Simplify Your Wedding Dress Search

Although there are no hard-and-fast guidelines when choosing a wedding gown, there are several ways to make the process enjoyable. Here are a few more tips to help you go down the aisle without too much stress.


Research is the Key

Take advantage of the fact that brides can now browse practically every dress online before visiting a salon or store for their appointment. Your stylist will be more helpful when pulling gowns if they have a better sense of the brands you like (or don’t like) and the silhouette or cut you want. A mood board will be handy for your bridal gown appointment and make the process much easier.


Bring Your Entourage 

Choosing your bridal wear in Warrington is a personal experience, so having the greatest support team guide you is crucial. Bring selected individuals whose opinions will be sincere and truthful. Remember that you will have to deal with more viewpoints.


Think About a Custom Look

If you have the dream dress in mind, think about having a gown built to order. Unique and custom designs require more time than choosing an existing gown from collections. Therefore, plan a VIP visit to work with you one-on-one. Although this choice has become increasingly popular recently, getting custom-made is still more expensive. The famous Manchester bridal shop Puure Bride is the place to be for custom wedding gowns.


Appointment Tips to Follow

It is better to book an appointment beforehand so the stylist can give you the required time. Make sure to look into the styles they provide and the general price point while looking into bridal salons to avoid unpleasant surprises. You can schedule your meetings once you’ve decided on one or more boutiques. It is better to shop for dresses on a weekday since they are frequently calmer and allow for a more personal experience. If you intend to visit several boutiques, try not to schedule more than two appointments daily and leave enough time to get a bite to eat and commute to your next location.

Creating a Pinterest board of dream dresses you adore and general wedding inspiration before your visit is a good idea so you can show it to your stylist. It will save her a tonne of time and help her choose dresses for you to try on, allowing you to make the most of your time together. 

Additionally, we advise putting on seamless nude underwear, a strapless bra, shapewear, and shoes similar to the ones you’ll be wearing on your wedding day. When trying on dresses, you might not require a bra because many have a structure in the bodice, but you should feel free to dress as it makes you feel most comfortable.

You will be able to visualize yourself wearing each outfit more clearly if you pay attention to these minor details. We also advise styling your hair and applying a little makeup to take it a step further and make you feel the best. 



Although it’s vital to keep an open mind when shopping for wedding dresses in Warrington, it’s also crucial to understand that trying on various designs is to help you determine which ones you like, not complicating your quest. You can try as many dresses as you like but be sure that it is not confusing but gives you a clear picture of what you like and don’t like.

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