Why You Should Consider a Vintage Style Wedding Dress

Your wedding is the biggest day of your life; a day you’ve always dreamt of. Finding that perfect bridal dress will make that day even more special. Considering a vintage style wedding dress for your wedding? Vintage does have a class of its own. Here’s why you should consider a vintage style wedding dress when you walk down the aisle.

Vintage Wedding Dresses Have Class

Whether it was the bias-cut designs of the 1930s, the military-inspired costumes of the 1940s, the silhouette look of the 1950s or the lacy full skirts and sweetheart necklines of the 1960s, every era had something distinct. Give your wedding dress a classy, vintage look with some inspiration from the years gone by.

Wear Your Own Dress

Not all brides are comfortable wearing a wedding dress that was worn by someone else, even if that was decades ago. You can choose a reproduction of a vintage style instead of actually wearing a vintage dress that belonged to someone else with your own modern vintage style wedding dress.

Avoid Extra Cleaning Costs

Besides buying a vintage wedding dress, you may also need to shell out money for specialist cleaning for the second-hand dress before you wear it. Not all cleaners can handle such delicate material. Expect to spend a lot of money on cleaning the second-hand dress. Save yourself time, money and stress by investing in a new wedding dress styled the vintage way.

Avoid the Dangers of a Frail Old Dress

When all is said and done, choosing a vintage wedding dress does have its own pitfalls. The fabric of the dress including the laces and the ribbons may look great but may crumble if mishandled. Prone to tearing, you will find that these dresses are frail and you may end up with a damaged dress on your wedding day. You can avoid such disasters by buying a modern dress in a vintage style rather than an actual vintage one.

Still a Vintage Style Lover

So you now know what to look for in a vintage dress and you’ve got your heart set on one. What’s the next step you ask? Well now you need to find the vintage style you want, a great way to find the dress of your dreams is by browsing through a wide variety of vintage designs from books, films and even online sites such as Pinterest. If you’d prefer you can also book a bridal consultation with us where we can discuss the style and era you want, help source a dressmaker and arrange the rest! Click here to make your appointment today!