Top 5 wedding trends for 2021

Voted “Best Bridal Boutique for the Northwest” this year, we are proudly passionate about providing brides-to-be with uniquely tailored designer wedding dresses as we believe the experience of choosing a bridal gown should be a special moment to be remembered. 

As we approach the final few months of the year, we thought it was the perfect time to take a look at what exciting and innovative wedding trends we think are to come in 2021 – a year where our bridal wear shop will be celebrating its 15th birthday!


Outdoor Weddings

Unsurprisingly, the industry is seeing a surge in outdoor weddings worldwide; and with June 2020 seeing a 115% increase in the number of searches for ‘garden wedding inspiration’ compared with June 2019, it’s clear couples are embracing nature with open arms. Or as world-renowned wedding planner Jove Meyer puts it, “Couples are leaning into nature and fresh air in ways they did not in the past “

As planners and venues creatively adapt to ongoing restrictions, 2021 will offer couples an unprecedented variety of enchanting outdoor havens that provide truly unique fairy-tale bliss; stocking some of the industry’s finest designer wedding dresses, our wedding dress boutique has a gown for every setting.

Table Decorations

While many guest lists are sadly needing to be trimmed down, there are greater opportunities for couples to provide their guests with a more intimate wedding experience.

Because of this, award-winning wedding planner Michelle Norwood believes we will see a greater focus on finer details such as table decorations throughout 2020. “Tabletop details will become more intimate, personal and elaborate… think stunning details like luxe liens, crystal glassware, layered china and lots of candles” speculates Norwood. 

Buying British

With 2020’s lockdown highlighting the importance of supporting local independent businesses, we’re likely to see a huge surge in couples choosing independent wedding dress shops and bridal dress boutiques throughout 2021. This will likely come with couples sourcing food, décor and media services from local independent catering companies, wedding shops and photographers. 

Stocking a variety of designer bridesmaids dresses, we are proud to showcase White Rose Bridal collection, a British brand that fuses traditional design with ornate embellishments across a delightful range of gowns. With sumptuous beading and elegantly thoughtful detailing, White Rose Bridals collection uses a diverse range of fabrics throughout its varied range that accommodates every figure and every budget. 

Immersive Ambience

With a rise in outdoor weddings and a decline in guest numbers expected throughout 2021, industry experts predict a surge in the demand for an immersive ambience. Likely meaning in 2021 we will see more couples using open green spaces for luscious floral installations and intimate musical acts

Creative director of Lavender Green Flowers, Sue, says “Think sitting your guests under a canopy of hanging flowers for the ceremony, creating a woodland walkway from one venue to another, or even to elaborate edible garden centrepieces forming part of the show when it comes to serving your bespoke wedding breakfast.” 

Micro Weddings

Generally defined as a wedding with less than 20 guests, micro weddings offer intimate shorter ceremonies. Whether it be due to budget constraints or to comply with lockdown restrictions, it is clear there is already a rise in micro weddings worldwide. 

Director and founder of the renowned Arabian Tent Event Company, Katherine, believes that “2021 will be a year of the authentic wedding” adding “The offset of having smaller guest numbers will mean couples will have more budget for stationery, jewellery, clothes, food, and decorations that are ethical and sustainable”. 

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