Top 5 Most Popular Style Wedding Dresses Of All Time

With personalisation and intimacy now at the core of the modern wedding, couples are creatively adapting traditional wedding styles with chic modern twists in light of ongoing restrictions.  After covering what this will mean for the future of weddings in our top 5 wedding trends for 2021 post, in this blog we’ll provide you with a clear overview of the most popular wedding dress styles of all time. 


Embodying an elegantly retro feel, tea length wedding dresses fall below the knee and above the ankle. Traditionally, the hem sits just above the ankle, however, in more modern dresses the hem usually sits mid-calf. While vintage tea length wedding dresses are a bit longer than more contemporary designs, most dresses tend to be shorter than other styles – enabling brides to show off their footwear to great effect. 


Fitted at the waist, the ball gown wedding dress is a revered classic that is known for its full skirt. Famous for graciously fitting brides of all silhouette types, the ball gown has the most voluminous skirt of all wedding dress types. Widely adopted after the French Revolution, the classic ball gown style originated from Ancient Greece and remains one of the most popular wedding dress styles to this day. 


Resembling the letter “A” due to its fitted waist that gently flares out, the universally loved A-line dress style embodies sophisticated simplicity. Offering a classic look, A-line wedding dresses have been a bridal favourite for decades as they are known for graciously complementing all body types. Adaptable for every occasion, the A-line dress style is a tamed down version of the ball gown and is made in a variety of fabrics. 


Also known as the fishtail style, the mermaid wedding dress is characterised by its fitted style which hugs close to the bride’s body. Unlike A-line or traditional ball gown wedding dresses, this style does not flare out at the waist, instead flaring out at or below the knee – finishing the dress with a mermaid like “tail”. Attracting a lot of attention in the early noughties, mermaid-style wedding dresses elaborate finesse is adored across generations of brides.  


Considered a variant of the mermaid wedding dress, the trumpet wedding dress style hugs the body throughout and gradually flares outwards. Differing from the Mermaid style, the flare of trumpet wedding dresses is usually mid-thigh, providing the bride with more mobility. While the trumpet wedding dress’s form-fitting curve-enhancing style has been gaining popularity in recent years, its graceful design has been popular for many decades. 

Whether you’re looking to honour tradition with a classic A-Line or more interested in the modern trumpet style, our experienced staff are able to guide you through every step of the journey as we believe choosing the right gown should be a magical moment to remember.