Incredible Wedding Traditions from Around the World

Celebrations and traditions have been part of weddings for centuries. Friends and family join the newlyweds to partake in the wedding traditions that make the wedding complete. 

Different cultures around the globe follow some wonderful traditions. These take place before, during and after the wedding ceremony. Here is a look at some of the incredible ones. 

South Africa – Fire for the Hearth 

After the wedding, the couple’s parents bring ashes and embers from their respective fireplaces. The newlyweds will use these embers to light the first fire of their new abode. This signifies the coming together of the two families as one. 

India – Find the Ring 

As part of the wedding rituals, the newlyweds are asked to dip their hands in a large bowl filled with water, milk, rose petals and vermillion. The task is to search for a ring already placed in the bowl. It is believed that whoever among the couple gets the ring will be the one wearing the pants in the marriage. Trust the ring to decide who gets to be the boss! 

Philippines – Lovey Doves 

Doves have always symbolised peace and harmony. And these birds play a crucial role in a Filipino wedding. The newly wedded couple releases a pair of doves on their wedding day, as a symbol of their unending love and marital harmony. 

Egypt – Pinch the Bride 

An Egyptian bride has to deal with more than just parting with her parents and friends. On her wedding day, the women from the bride’s family pinch her to bring her good luck. The more pinches, the more good luck! 

Germany – Break the Dishes 

The Germans borrow the tradition of breaking porcelain dishes from the Greeks. Polterabend is the German tradition of breaking dishes the night before the wedding. Friends and family join in to help ward off evil and bring good luck to the new couple. The event typically takes place either in front of the bride’s house or her parents’ home. 

The bride and groom work together to clean up the mess, meaning they will work together to strengthen their marriage. 

Spain – Chop Goes the Groom’s Tie 

In Spain, the groomsmen surround the groom at his wedding reception and cut his necktie into several small pieces. These pieces are then auctioned off to the wedding guests to raise money for the couple.

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