Dazzle On Your Wedding Day with 5 Amazing Gown Ideas

Every woman envisions having everything to be perfect for her wedding day. The venue, decor, food menu, and little bits & bobs contribute to a perfect day. But what is something that you will look back at many years down the line and reminisce about? It’s your wedding dress that has to be every inch of perfection for your big day. With so many options, selecting the perfect wedding dress for arguably the most important day of your life can get a little overwhelming. When you stumble upon your wedding pictures years after the ceremony, your gown is something you do not want to regret! With plenty of planning to be done, don’t let your wedding gown search take a back seat.

Shine Bright Like A Diamond With These Amazing Gown Ideas For Your Big Day!


Selecting your wedding gown is a big responsibility, and one can easily get overwhelmed by so many options and styles. It’s wise to have a vague plan of what you want via inspirations, mood boards, and a little knowledge about your body type before going through the available options. 

To help you out, Puure Bride has curated a list of gown ideas to take inspiration from & incorporate into your wedding gown on your big day.


A-line Gowns

A-line gowns are very flattering to every body type; hence they are a favourite among the brides. These gowns shape the waist and flare out from the waist down. A perfect option for pear-shaped brides for a dress that hugs you in all the right places. An A-line gown can make the bride look taller and slimmer, making it a perfect choice for your special day.


Mermaid Gowns

Choosing the proper shapewear is vital with the mermaid dress. This shape of gown is flared as it follows the body’s contours from the chest to the knee. Particularly if you have an apple-shaped body, the style is believed to highlight the waist and hips rather than narrow them. Considering how fitted it is, you’ll also want to make sure that you can move freely in it and sit down easily


Trumpet Gown

The trumpet is a muted-down version of the mermaid, with a straight bodice to the hips and a flare that begins mid-thigh, yet it still draws a crowd and is seen as particularly appropriate for a lavish party. A trumpet silhouette is perfect for hourglass body types. This gown is frequently chosen by brides who wish to show off their curves.


Ball Gown

Who doesn’t love a dreamy ball gown inspired by the Disney princesses? It sums up a classic look by adding just the right amount of drama to your look. If you have a heavy bosom and a tiny waist, this fit-and-flare silhouette is for you. The full skirt balances the fitting top. The lower body is concealed, and the wider silhouette highlights the waist. The skirt can make you look bigger, so a woman conscious about her hips might want to bear that in mind. Another good tip is to keep the add-ons simple and tonal because it’s easy to get lost in large swathes of fabric.


Tea Length Gown

This ankle-grazing silhouette is perfect if you’re looking for a look with a “something old, something new” vibe. The tea-length wedding gown strikes the ideal balance between modern and classic aesthetics. Its distinctive vintage charm adds to its appeal. Tea-length gowns are unusual, revealing a lot about the bride’s personality. Brides choosing a private ceremony, a brunch wedding, or a simple-yet-beautiful registered wedding should choose this length. Long after your wedding, one of its benefits is you may still be able to recycle easily.


5 unique elements you can add to your wedding look


A showstopper gown

A wedding dress should mirror your personality and feel like your second skin that you are very comfortable in. Make sure you select something that compliments your best features and brings out the best in you.


Bold Accessories

It’s your day to make a statement and go all out with whatever accessories you like. Just make sure you select something that complements your gown. A dramatic headpiece will add to the beauty of your wedding gown, making your style look unique. Your shoes can also make a statement by adding a pop of colour or lots of bling to them, and you can make them stand out.


Hair and makeup perfection

Makeup and hair can be a total game-changer for your overall look. Decide on a makeup artist that matches your style, whether to go all gaga with your makeup or keep it simple, elegant, and pretty with a no-makeup makeup look. Discuss different looks with your makeup artist to land the best-suited look for yourself, considering your gown and accessories.


Break the rules

It is right to step away from the basics and try something exceptionally new that gives you an edgy look. The traditional and basic rule of thumb is to wear a nice white gown with a veil. However, you can remix a little or go all out with a different coloured gown to stand out. Instead of a veil, you can choose a flower gown or a cape, whatever suits your style. 


Wear your confidence

Nothing will make you look prettier than your confidence, so it is important to feel confident in what you. Please don’t wait on a reaction from others to make you feel beautiful or seek their validation. Just go with what makes you feel comfortable in your skin and own your curves beautifully. Do not forget that confidence is the best accessory one can wear any day and, most importantly, on such a special day as their wedding.

decide to wear for your big day


Things to consider when selecting a wedding gown


It can get confusing with so much to do and many options. Always consider certain factors before you go out to look for the perfect gown. Here are a few handy tips and hacks to help you select the perfect wedding gown and ease the hefty and tiring process.


Decide on a budget

The first step to start looking for gowns is to set a budget, as wedding gowns have a large range when it comes to price. To stop overspending your budget, it’s best to only look for options under your budget. Doing so will also help you narrow down your options and simplify the process. However, you can look for wedding gowns on sale as sometimes you can find something very pretty at an unexpectedly lower price that fits right into your budget.


Mood Boards/ Inspiration

There is so much to choose from the fabric to gown style to the kind of embroidery or work you want on your gown. Making mood boards to draw inspiration from Pinterest is a good idea. It will help you go through different options and styles and give you a vague idea of what you want and don’t. Also, it will open a new world of options available to you that you may not know of. 


Choose comfort over style.

Yes, looking beautiful is very important, but believe it or not, it is not very pretty to appear uncomfortable in a gown that you thought was pretty. It is your big day that you want to enjoy and make the best out of. You won’t be able to enjoy it if you are uncomfortable throughout the day and stressing more about the gown. On the other hand, a comfortable gown will help you be at ease and bring out your confidence in yourself.


Start early

It is best to start your search for the gowns as early as possible, as bridal stores take time to deliver. These gowns are mostly made to order, so you don’t want to miss out on your favourite gown just because you don’t have enough time on your hand. Also, it is not a great idea to force the designer to make the gown early as, in that case, they may not be able to deliver the exact quality or mess up somewhere because of the hurry. 


Take venue into consideration.

Certain factors, like the venue, must be considered before selecting the gown. Decide beforehand if your wedding venue is indoor or outdoor, what the weather will be like, and then select your gown accordingly. Some strict catholic churches have rules for acceptable dressing, like covered shoulders. So, decide on your gown by considering the venue.




Selecting a wedding gown can be a lot of effort as it is something everyone will discuss. However, the golden tip is not to let anyone decide for you and go for something that brings out your own personality. 

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