A Complete Guide to Choose Modern Bridesmaid Dresses

Shopping for bridesmaid dresses is a necessary and significant part of your wedding preparations. Finding clothes that your bridesmaids like and that also fit the wedding theme are just a few difficulties you may face while selecting the appropriate attire for your bridal party.

With the countless colour, style, and silhouette options, finding bridesmaid gowns that fit and look good on each bridal party member is difficult.

Everyone has a different spending limit, tastes, and expectations for buying. You still want to make sure that all your bridesmaids look and feel wonderful in their dresses, even though it’s not your responsibility to delight each of your bridesmaids.

Shopping for affordable bridesmaid dresses may sometimes be more difficult than choosing a wedding dress! However, you may approach bridesmaid dress shopping effectively with the right planning and preparation.

This guide covers all the information you require for stress-free bridesmaid dress shopping.



What exactly is a Bridesmaid?

The bride’s closest friends and family members serve as bridesmaids, and the importance of a bridesmaid is felt both during the planning stage and on the big day. Although nowadays, brides sometimes select attendants of the opposite sex in recognition of the varied nature of modern friendships. Traditionally, the bridesmaids were sisters, cousins, or close friends.

Although couples frequently decide to have an equal number of attendants, there is no set minimum or maximum for the number of guests. A best friend or a sibling could be lauded with the duties of the maid of honour.

Brides typically ask for assistance with various duties during the wedding, such as addressing and stuffing envelopes, clothing shopping, and DIY projects like designing individualised ceremony programs or reception decor. Bridesmaids can assist with chores like keeping track of gifting information on occasions like the engagement party.

On the wedding day, they will assist the maid of honour in taking care of the bride, help the younger attendants, go around the reception to make sure everyone feels welcome, dance with the opposing groomsman, and respond to questions from visitors.


How to Choose Modern Bridesmaid Dresses


Set a Fair Budget

Setting a dress budget should be your first step before considering bridesmaid dress colours or styles. Being a bridesmaid is an honour, but not everyone will be pleased to spend a lot on a dress they won’t ever wear again. Be careful how you broach the matter with your main ladies because money could be a touchy subject for some of them. Ask each of them individually what they anticipate spending on bridesmaid dresses. You can establish a budget that won’t stress out the bridesmaids even if you have an idea of what they can individually afford.


Pick Out Flattering Styles

Ask your bridesmaids to be candid about their insecurities and the body part they would like to flaunt. You can then pay close attention to the dress trends that look amazing. Perhaps one of your bridesmaids has amazing legs that she wants to flaunt but despises her stomach. Or another one who’s not so keen on the idea of showing legs. So, it’s your job to find the best bridesmaid dress that could look stunning on everyone in your bridal party.

Here are a few more ideas for selecting your bridesmaids’ dresses in attractive silhouettes:


Select A-line gowns

If there is one style of dress that looks good on everyone, it is an A-line dress. This tried-and-true style fits at your natural waist to create flattering angles, making it look beautiful on every body type.


Try different necklines

Certain necklines can highlight particular traits. Let your bridesmaids play around with different necklines to achieve a style everyone adores.


Think about bridesmaid attire with sleeves

Bridesmaid dresses with sleeves are a simple solution if one or more of your bridesmaids are self-conscious about their arms. They will also appreciate this option in case you have a winter wedding.

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Focus on Fabric

Contrary to popular belief, the fabric you choose for your bridesmaid dresses matters greatly. Along with the location and wedding theme, you should also consider the comfort of your bridesmaids.

Are you getting married in the summertime outside? Due to its lightweight nature and straightforward weave, chiffon is the preferred material for summer weddings.

Organising a lavish wedding in the autumn? The rich shine of satin makes it ideal for evening events and weddings in chilly weather.

If you’re a hopeless romantic, there’s an option to go with the timeless ethereal beauty of lace for a dreamy wedding idea. We advise obtaining a few fabric swatches and discussing them with your bridesmaids to help you better understand the choices of your bridal team.


What’s Trendy

If your wedding is scheduled for 2022 or later, it’s crucial to choose bridesmaid dresses that will be in style for many years, if not decades. You don’t want to look back on your wedding pictures and regret the hues and fashion choices you made for your stunning closest friends.

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Dress Shade

You’ve chosen a stunning wedding colour scheme after researching all the most popular wedding colours and spending hours staring at colour swatches. It’s time to choose the colours from your wedding colour scheme that your bridesmaids will look their finest in.

When choosing a dress colour for your crew, keep the following factors in mind:



Are you planning a backyard or garden wedding? Do you intend to wed near the water? Bridesmaid attire must always work in tandem with your venue for the wedding. Light hues and pastels would blend beautifully in this situation. Consider choosing bridesmaid dresses in blue hues to complement the sky and sea.



Even though you want those stunning eggplant bridesmaid dresses for your wedding, a midday summer wedding might not be the greatest place for dark purple. Similar to how floral bridesmaid dresses won’t fit in during the cold.


Skin Colours

Do your bridesmaids’ skin tones resemble one another? Please take advantage of this by picking a colour that looks great on them. If they have a variety of skin tones, think about making your bridesmaid dresses have an ombre effect for an absolutely lovely wedding party style that complements each skin tone.


Consider the Accessories

For your bridesmaids, don’t forget to look at the accessories. These little elements can make or break an outfit, from a killer pair of heels to brilliant jewellery.

Pick footwear that is both cosy and fashionable. Bridesmaids can avoid disastrous falls on muddy grass by wearing a pair of wedges, flats or shoes. Avoid using stiletto heels if your bridesmaids will be walking on the grass to get to your outdoor wedding site. Instead, choose something more comfortable.


Ensure simplicity

Avoid overdoing it with too many accessories. Give them some instructions so there are no unpleasant surprises on your big day, even though you should let them have a say in the accessories they select.


Think of a cover-up

Give your bridesmaids something to protect themselves from the cold in the fall and winter to let them know that you are thinking of them. Them donning comfortable pashminas or evening shawls while also serving a useful purpose might improve your bridal party’s appearance.


Final Thoughts

The time when the bride would select a single gown for each of her bridesmaids is long gone. Modern brides recognise that their bridesmaids want to be asked about their choices and are fashion-conscious. You could even let the bridesmaids choose their dresses if you’re extremely accommodating. There is a problem, though! If you give them complete creative control, the result might not be cohesive.

Our bridal boutique in Warrington offers various styles, fabrics, and trends that will impress all of your bridesmaids. Please call for an appointment today so you can visit us at the store with the entire group at once and make a final choice that will make you and all your bridesmaids supremely happy!